2015 Legislation


Georgia. Senate Bill 14

Hawaii. House Bill 1277

Illinois. House Bill 1311

Maine. House Paper 779

Maryland. House Bill 211House Bill 57Senate Bill 237

Massachusetts. House Bill 1062 (in Joint Committee on Higher Education); House Bill 1068 (in Joint Committee on Higher Education)

Missouri. House Bill 1232

New Jersey. Senate Bill 979. Passed and signed into law. Study underway.

New York. Assembly Bill 2022Senate Bill 1873

North Dakota. House Concurrent Resolution 3044

Oregon. House Bill 2662 

Pennsylvania. Senate Bill 741 (in Education Committee)

Virginia. Senate Joint Resolution 277

Washington. House Bill 1344; Senate Bill 5335 


2014 Legislation


California. House Resolution 49 (passed Assembly); Assembly Bill 1456 (passed Assembly)

Connecticut. House Bill 5241 (passed House); House Bill 5128

Florida. House Bill 1137Senate Bill 738

Hawaii. House Bill 1566Senate Bill 2379House Bill 1792House Bill 1874Senate Bill 2209House Bill 1516

Illinois. House Bill 5323 (passed both houses); House Bill 3947Senate Bill 3452Senate Bill 3451

Indiana. House Bill 1084

Iowa. House File 2153Senate File 2029

Louisiana. House Concurrent Resolution 21 (passed both houses)

Maine. Senate Paper 748 (passed both houses); Senate Paper 668Senate Paper 667

Maryland. House Bill 853Senate Bill 626

Massachusetts. House Bill 3631 (accompanied a study order)

Michigan. House Resolution 301; House Bill 5315; Senate Bill 784

Missouri. House Bill 1932

New Mexico. House Memorial 44 (passed House)

New York. Assembly Bill 8218Assembly Bill 8562Senate Bill 6420

Ohio. House Bill 242

Oklahoma. Senate Bill 2001

Pennsylvania. Senate Bill 1094; House Resolution 429

Rhode Island. House Bill 7201

South Carolina. House Bill 4414

Virginia. Senate Joint Resolution 25House Joint Resolution 72

Vermont. Senate Bill 192

Washington. House Bill 2619House Bill 2720

U.S. House. House Bill 3959, Pay It Forward College Affordability Act of 2014 


2013 Legislation


Oregon. House Bill 3472 (passed both houses unanimously)

New Jersey. Assembly Bill 4444Senate Bill 2965 (vetoed by Gov. Christie)

U.S. Senate. Senate Bill 1884, Pay It Forward College Affordability Act of 2013


Last updated:  July 16, 2015