What more do you want from students who do the right thing but still come up short?

That was the question Lamar Wise and other Pay It Forward supporters had for the Oregon Legislature on Friday, when Oregon's House Committee on Higher Education, Innovation, and Workforce Development heard House Bill 2662, which would implement Oregon's proposed Pay It Forward pilot.

Speaking on behalf of himself and other students at his high school, Max Neel, a sophomore at Rex Putnam High School in Milwaukie, Ore., laid out the need for Pay It Forward clearly to the committee, saying:

“We don’t just want it. We need it. If Oregon has no plans to start helping its younger people pursue a degree, as it has in the past, then it should at least give us the means to take on the responsibility in a reasonable manner, not by dumping a bunch of debt on our families and burying our future in loans that we’ll probably just end up unable to pay anyway. The Pay It Forward pilot is that sort of plan. . . . It’s time that the government of this state start taking its future, me and my fellow students, as seriously as it’s always claimed to.”

Support for the bill was overwhelming, from students and educators to community members and finance experts. Groups testifying in favor included:


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