White House launches new College Scorecard

On Saturday, the White House released the Department of Education's new College Scorecard. Designed to give students and families more information on outcomes, it includes institution-specific data such as earnings 10 years after enrolling and loan repayment data.

Some highlights for Washington state:

  • University of Washington (Seattle) leads the four-year public universities in the percent of its students that earn above a high school graduate's earnings six years after enrollment (75%).
  • North Seattle Community College has the lowest average annual cost (for federal aid recipients, after all federal, state, and local aid) at $2,864.
  • Whitman College has the highest six-year graduation rate for four-year colleges at 88%.
  • Seattle University boasts the highest median earnings 10 years after attending at $55,200. 


As with all large sets of data, caution should be taken not to put too much stock into any one category, but the new tool is a promising step in the right direction to give students and their families the information they need to make the best decisions for their higher education. 

Check it out for yourself!