Why Pay It Forward Now?


Pay It Forward is a step toward restoring students’ access to higher education, upward economic mobility, middle-class quality of life and a successful pursuit of the American Dream.

Some form of post-secondary training is a prerequisite for family wage jobs. But tuition has never been higher, and it has never been harder for low- and middle-income students to go to college. While we must remain dedicated to stopping tuition hikes, we also have to give our students better options now.

Our economy demands that we take action on college access now. Good jobs increasingly require workers with higher education, and our nation’s economic growth depends on developing a workforce ready for 21st-century jobs in the global economy. By 2018, 2 out of 3 jobs will require some college, and 1 out of 3 will require a Bachelor’s degree. We must increase the number of college graduates to meet workforce needs.

Tuition is too high for most families to pay without taking on debt. Even if students are willing and able to take out loans to pay tuition, those loan payments make it harder for them to get on their feet once they graduate – not to mention buy a house or start a business. These graduates (and would-be graduates) are barred from the upward economic mobility that a college education can provide.